One of the most critically important steps in producing healthy, wholesome and great tasting pistachios is in the processing. And we at Keenan Farms take processing very seriously. Once pistachios are harvested, the outer hull must be removed within a short period of time — no more than 24 hours — to avoid shell staining and product deterioration. (The hull traps moisture which stains the shell if left for a long period of time.) Hulls are removed mechanically and then the nuts are washed and dried and separated by size. Drying the nuts down to a stable moisture level without over-drying is the difference between a good pistachio and a great pistachio. The drying process cannot be rushed nor can it be delayed.

Those nuts that are not opened naturally on the tree are separated out and electronic color sorting machines then check and separate the nuts for any shell staining or discoloration. To ensure the highest in food safety standards, the entire process is mechanical which requires an investment of millions of dollars in state of the art equipment. This equipment is only utilized for the few weeks of the harvest.

At Keenan Farms, we also think that roasting pistachios is an art.  Over the years we have earned a reputation for one of the finest roasts in the industry. Every Keenan Farms shipment is prepared to the buyer’s specifications for roasting, salting, packaging, food safety standards and testing certifications. We know that we are not in the business of just producing a product. Our goal is to provide a consistently great and enjoyable snack for everyone who buys a bag of Keenan Farms Pistachios. Every time.