Quality Assurance

page-feature-image4Quality probably means something a little different to everyone but here at Keenan Farms, we know what it should mean and we know what it means to us. When you choose to buy our pistachios, you can expect to enjoy simply the best pistachios – healthy, fresh and great tasting…every time. And that is our assurance of quality to you.

We take food safety very seriously. From the field to the processing plant and into every package of Keenan Farms pistachios we watch the details. Because we know that’s what makes the difference.

Keenan Farms is the only pistachio processing plant that is an accredited facility for the United States Department of Agriculture, Partners in Quality (PIQ) Program. PIQ requires rigorous product testing for quality regulation and food safety and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what does all this mean to you? Quality you can always count on.