aerial-imageIn the pistachio industry there are two equally important aspects to producing the final product – growing the crop and then processing the nuts after harvest. Pistachios are unique from all other nuts in that they require rapid processing within 24 hours of being harvested due to their high moisture content. Like a fine wine, the techniques of processing can make the difference between a good pistachio and a great pistachio…and we at Keenan Farms know the difference.

We also know the importance of starting with the best product available. So along with our own production, we strategically partner with other growers throughout the state who are also committed to producing the highest quality pistachios by maintaining strict infield operations. At harvest time our processing team works hand in hand with the growers to coordinate deliveries from the field to the processing plant. This is critical in providing timely processing while utilizing the plant throughout the harvesting season at optimum levels.

Keenan Farms markets a wide range of retail, wholesale bulk and private label packaging options for domestic and export markets throughout the world. Our strict adherence to quality and safety standards has earned Keenan Farms international recognition. As the result of investment in state-of-the-art technology we are able to offer a consistent, natural, safe and wholesome product to all of our consumers, all of the time.

Over the years our processing capacity has grown as we have continued to keep up with the industry’s rapidly expanding pistachio production. This has required significant capital expenditures and within the last five years alone, Keenan Farms has actually doubled its processing and storage capacity. But no matter our size and expanded scope of operation, all of us at Keenan Farms have never lost sight of our most important goal – always producing simply the best pistachios. And that is why we proudly pack our pistachios under our own name, Keenan Farms Pistachios.