Keenan Farms, Inc. (“Keenan”) Product Guarantee

Keenan Farms, Inc. may revise these terms and conditions on its website at any time without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.  Keenan Farms products are produced, processed, packaged and manufactured in approved facilities [and 3rd party tested three times during] production, processing, packaging and manufacturing for efficacy, quality, and safety. We maintain this level of control with our supply chain and distribution, retail, and online partners.

We highly recommend that you only purchase Keenan Farms products from one of our approved retailers, directly from us on our website (, or sold directly by us on Amazon. All other listings on Amazon that don’t state “Sold by Keenan Farms” are unauthorized and do not adhere to our carefully managed distribution channels that ensure the authenticity, freshness, quality and safety of our products both online and in stores.

We do not recommend buying any of our products from unauthorized websites or third parties, including ANY resellers on Amazon that are not us. Products sold by us are listed as “Sold by Keenan.” Keenan Farms cannot assure you that our products sold by other sellers fit our products’ authenticity, efficacy, quality, or safety standards. These products could be counterfeit, tampered with, damaged or beyond their expiration dates, and should not be consumed.
The Keenan Farms logo is a registered trademark and/or trademark of Keenan Farms, Inc. and any use of this mark or similar mark by unauthorized retailers or other vendors without the express permission of Keenan is a violation of these trademark rights.
If you see unauthorized Keenan Farms products for sale on the web, please report it to us at We appreciate it!