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Meet the Keenans

Committed to Quality for 50 Years

In 1972, Charles Keenan purchased 100 acres of newly planted pistachio trees in Avenal, California. Four years later, the trees produced their first crop of just 500 pounds, and with no processing facilities nearby, the Keenans built their own. Fast forward a few decades and while so much has changed, the family values and vision that drove our business from the beginning resonate to this day.

Still in the same location, the Keenan Farms processing plant that opened along with that first harvest has expanded along with the size and scope of the industry. State-of-the-art equipment and facilities have been continuously integrated into the plant, while the original pistachio trees planted many years ago still flourish alongside ever-increasing orchards. We are privileged to be part of a thriving community of growers, producers, and packers in the Central Valley!

Vision & Values

Pistachios are part of our story—and yours. Our history is proof of the many powerful possibilities within a single pistachio. Our hope is that Keenan Farms pistachios will play a role in your family story, too—no matter how small.


After decades of growing pistachios, we know that our experience is an essential ingredient in the delicious, delightful experience of eating Keenan Farms pistachios.


We believe that the best food is fulfilling for both body and spirit, so nutrition should never come at the cost of flavor.


With long-standing family traditions and deep roots in our community, we are proud to extend the legacy of Keenan Farms pistachios to our customers.


We set the standard for quality in our industry by sticking to simplicity—proven practices, natural flavors, consistent service, and simply the best pistachios.

Family Business with Family Values

The People Behind the Pistachios

At Keenan Farms, we are united by our shared vision of providing the highest-quality pistachios on the market. Our skilled farmers, experienced processors, and dedicated staff come together, leveraging their collective knowledge and expertise to deliver nothing short of perfection. When you choose Keenan Farms, you’re choosing pistachios that have been nurtured with care, collected with consistency, and produced by a team that believes in going above and beyond to bring you the very best.

Keenan family at the pistachio orchard
Rooted in Quality, Grown with Care

The Process for Producing Perfection

The best pistachio products are the result of the best processes. With our state-of-the-art machinery and highly-trained team, we are diligent in ensuring our pistachios are the best in the business.

Harvest is all about transformation and change, and we definitely don’t mind shaking things up at Keenan Farms. As we prepare for our annual harvest in late summer and early fall, the pistachios in our orchard are growing into their own, maturing in rosy-hued clusters of 30 to 50 nuts.

Once it starts, it won’t stop—harvest will continue for 24 hours a day for about six weeks straight, or until the year’s crops have been collected. Specially designed machines grasp the trunk of a tree, gently shake it, and catch the nuts in a frame as they fall, never touching the ground as they travel to the processing plant. Soon after, these raw nuts will be transformed into the delicious Keenan pistachios you see on shelves.

Like a fine wine, processing practices make the difference between a good pistachio and a great pistachio, which is why we have consistently invested in our equipment and procedures. As our capacity continues to expand to accommodate production needs, the team at Keenan Farms never loses sight of the smaller details.

Once pistachios are harvested, the outer hull must be removed within a short period of time—the hull traps moisture which stains the shell and causes deterioration if left for longer than 24 hours. After hulls are removed mechanically, the nuts are washed, dried, and separated by size. Drying the nuts down to a stable moisture level without over-drying takes practice and patience—the process cannot be rushed nor delayed.

During the harvest, some nuts detach from the tree before they open naturally, and only some of these outliers will be up to our quality standards. Our state-of-the-art machinery sorts and separates the nuts, checking for shell staining or discoloration. Only used during the few weeks of harvest each year, this equipment is essential to ensure the safe production of the highest-quality pistachios.

Pistachios become the most delicious versions of themselves during the roast, where the heat develops the nuts’ signature flavor. Once in-shell, no-shell, and on-the-go flavors are packaged, we send delicious, healthy, high-quality pistachios to people around the globe. Our commitment to perfecting this part of the process results in a consistently great and enjoyable snack in every Keenan Farms bag, regardless of their ultimate destination.

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