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Keenan Farms offers a wide range of delicious pistachio flavors in and out of the shell, delivering the highest-quality nuts to markets all over the world. Our strict attention to quality and safety standards has earned Keenan Farms an international reputation for superior quality, and our passion for our craft has only heightened our care over the years.

We’re proud to be in operation for more than 51 years, longer than any other processor in the U.S., but we know it isn’t scale or longevity alone that creates an industry leader—it’s an unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and customer service.

Anatomy of a Keenan Pistachio

When you think outside the shell, the opportunities are endless.
Pistachio anatomy diagram
Floating pistachios

Grown in California

Processed in our state-of-the-art facility

Healthy, wholesome & delicious

Naturally gluten- & cholesterol-free

Complete plant-based protein

Beneficial fats, fiber & nutrients

Artfully roasted & salted

Health Benefits

Delicious & Nutritious
Crushed pistachios pile
Complete Protein
Rich in Nutrients
6g Protein per Serving
Post Exercise Aid
Taste the Difference
Recipes featuring Keenan Farms Pistachios
Fresh picked pistachios held in hand

Picking the Best From the Beginning

Pistachio Perfection at Keenan Farms

When our family farm was first established in 1972, we knew we were growing something incredible—and after 50 years of perfecting the process, the best bags still come from Keenan Farms. Packed with plant-based complete protein in a nutshell, this small, satisfying snack has big health benefits, including satisfying feelings of fullness, long-lasting energy, and built-in nutrition in every bite. Enjoy as a healthy snack or add to your favorite recipes for a flavorful boost. When you think outside the shell, the opportunities are endless.

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